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Monday February 17, 2003

"He voiced his frustration that everyone around the table had agreed that Saddam was not co-operating fully, but that some of them were not yet ready to admit that he was in full breach." International opinion displays the depth of its commitment to a strong UN creating a peaceful world.

"There is no intelligence agency of any government around this table that does not know that the government of Iraq has weapons of mass destruction." They all know that Iraq has not complied with UN Resolution 1441.

"North Korea "will be left with no option but to take a decisive step to abandon its commitment to implement the Armistice Agreement ... and free itself from the binding force of all its provisions," said the official." So...they're saying the Korean war is on again. I guess North Korea observed the UN's handling of Iraq and learned that unenforced agreements are just empty words.

Many people dream of living in a world that submits to respects International Law™ and where the community of nations decides questions of sovereignty war and peace through the United Nations (pbu). I would prefer a happier future.

Nonetheless, I have trouble understanding how transnational progressives think they can realize their dream by discrediting the very instrument they intend to elevate.

The UN has an opportunity to demonstrate its competence. The Security Council demands that Iraq disarm, report its forbidden weapons programs to the council, and allow inspectors unrestricted access so they can verify compliance.

Iraq does not comply.

That means war.

Each of the security council nations has interests which will be endangered by war in Iraq.

After twelve years of averting its eyes from the spectacle of Saddam's unchallenged disobedience, the Security Council clings to a kind of make-believe authority. For the council to maintain even a pretense of credibility as a tool for conflict resolution it must actively follow the logic of the resolution.

That means war.

War is really, really bad. Some people believe that there is nothing worse.

They lack imagination.

No doubt about it.

Many people want to avoid a war for good reasons...and bad ones.

Avoiding this war will prevent the Security Council from ever playing a meaningful role in world affairs. So...those who want to see a powerful UN manage a peaceful world face a test. The UN must demonstrate a willingness to enforce its decisions.

What do the supporters of the UN do?

They look to their interests. Politically, pacifism is is anti-Americanism. Economically, well...let's just say it is a vote-seller's market. Diplomatically, there is a historic realignment of the nations and regions of the world. Militarily, the most impressive weapon in the armories of the postmodern €uropeans is they have a vital interest in a strong UN.

So...what do they do?

They sabotage their dream by deploying weapons of mass distraction...they pretend that Iraq is close to being in compliance with 1441. When Iraq provided documents to the UN the documents were incomplete. They said that it was merely a technical violation...nothing serious. The inspections have not verified Iraqi disarmament. They say, "The inspections are working. We need more." Iraq didn't disarm. Saddam didn't turn his forbidden weapons. They say, "You haven't proven that he has any." But he has them. And they know he has them. And we know that they know he has them.

War is bad.

They say war is worse than anything.

They attempt to use the UN to undermine avoid a war...and eviscerate the UN...which is essential to creating their dream of a world at peace.

Because they believe that all conflicts can be resolved through talk, they ensure that world will continue to enjoy the horrors of war.